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Author Topic: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.  (Read 25262 times)
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S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« on: 30/04/2010, 19:22 »

Copy and paste this solution

  Solu ON ON ON was detected in only for two S900 through 17/abr not shut down

 S900 seu t is operating normally, FAA NO esse procedimento. Use the latest officially available in their hair atualizao Team.

 Voc needed to isso From
 - NULL out serial
 - Carries no seu PC serial
 - Ter or set absolute certainty out + portal + PC configurao do this 100% ok
 - Do pacote of recuperao ON ON ON (link ao final)

 Veja seu how to build and test out linkado Arquivo NULL abaixo.
 S Tido continue depois de ter sucesso no teste. Obrigatrio!

 Follow exatas you passos abaixo. Pular inverter ordem ou are not to give them certo!

 Na chave 1.desligue or receiver of trs, and gives off TV, receiver, home theater
 2.Connect or null out nele e no PC
 Recuperao 3.descompacte or no seu pacote for PC, preferncia No C: \ (please specify WinRAR ou took similar)
 Arquivo 4.descompacte or "on on tempfix_30_04_2010.rar s900. Arquivo Gerar or "s900_30_04_2010.abs"
 Arquivo 5.copie or "s900_30_04_2010.abs" to within da pasta "loader"
 6.execute or EromUpgrade.exe "
 Include opposition 7.deixe to _ligada_ Bootloader
 Arquivo 8.escolha or "s900_30_04_2010.abs" that is in da pasta "loader" for ed NEXT carregar
 9.ligue or receiver of trs chave na
 EromUpgrade 10.aguarde or finding or receiving e fazer load at or final. D Next outra vez e Novamente wait or load at the end. Clique em Finished. No problems here dever ter, pois seu voc j testou out e teve sucesso. It Tiver problems, veja bem conectou or cape is no receiver. It persists, be wary of problem no seu mais srios receiver.
 Ter 11.depois terminou certainty, dissociate or receiver of trs chave na
 12.Connectivity TV or receiver and reconnects na-o
 Detected in only 13.faa uma dessas opes:
 - Looking cega; ou
 - Carregar uma Canals list by userdb. E muito important Tenho seu pendrive certainty that no hacked / corrupted Travar Non Novamente or receiver. Teste com a ferramenta disponivel ele abaixo.

 A Team to add you trabalho est Canals BI $ $ tambm atualizao nessa. Stay alert to tout novidade. Sero advised not frum here.

 Cape NULL:
 Construoe Teste =>
[To view the link you need to register.]

 Integridade e Teste de vitesse =>
[To view the link you need to register.]

 Pacote of recuperao ON ON ON
[To view the link you need to register.]

[To view the link you need to register.]

 Use postar esse typical for or detected in only for Assunta.

 Boas Flores!

  Fonte: Az-world

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #1 on: 30/04/2010, 19:31 »


  only solution to ON ON S900 trapped in apagn of 17/abr

 If your S900're working properly, DO NOT TAKE this procedure. Use the latest versinms officially released by the team.

 You need to do this by:
 - Cable null
 - Serial port on your PC
 - To be absolutely sure that all cables + + port of the PC configuration are 100% ok
 - Pack of recovery ON ON ON (ms link below)

 Here is how to build and test the null file cord connected for below.
 Just keep having had success in the test. Required!

 You just have to take the following steps. If you skip or reverse its order does not work!

 1.Turn receiver of ATRs in the key and unplug the TV, receiver, home theater

 2.Connect that null and PC cable
 recovery package
 3.descompacte on your PC, preferably in C: \ (WinRAR need or similar)

 4.descompacte file "on the S900 tempfix_30_04_2010.rar. Build the" s900_30_04_2010.abs "

 5.copie "s900_30_04_2010.abs" in the "manager"

 6.execute the EromUpgrade.exe "

 Include the option 7.Dejar _ligada_ Bootloader

 8.escoga file "s900_30_04_2010.abs" inside "the folder loader to load and press NEXT

 9.ligue the receiver in the key back

 10.aguarde EromUpgrade find the receiver and the office until the end. Dar Next again and wait until the final charge. Click Finish. You should not have problems here because we tested the cable and got it. If you have problems, make sure that the cable connected and the receiver. If it persists, there may be a most serious problem on your receiver.

 11.After to make sure you're done, unplug the receiver behind the key

 12.Connectivity the receiver on the TV and reconnect

 13.eliga only one of these options:
 - Find it blindly or
 - Load a channel list userdb. And very important: Make sure that your flash is not hacked / daad again not to block the receptor. Try the tool available for below.

 The team working to append channels est BI $ $ also in this update. Mantngase attentive to any news. It says here in the forum.

  Cape NULL
 Build and test =>
[To view the link you need to register.]

 The integrity and speed of test =>
[To view the link you need to register.]

  Recovery and package ON ON ON
[To view the link you need to register.]

[To view the link you need to register.]

 Use this thread only to announce on the subject.

 Happy Flowers!

 Source: Az-world

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #2 on: 01/05/2010, 02:53 »

S900! ATTENTION whether to remove the EEPROM SK24C16 (UE01)!
 ==================== The firm who am showcasing today is temporary for recipients with damaged eeprom
 work while eeprom reaches all parts distributors.
 It works best if you remove the eeprom (UE01) it does not conflict with the tuner.
 All this time the Team was working to determine what caused the corruption and fix it so it does not repeat.
 The new eeprom arrive without charge to dealers who charged logically
 something for labor and replacement disarmament.
 If users plan to remove the eeprom take special care not to break
 tracks...temporary firmware not be published forever and
 presise turnover mandatory to use the eeprom future updates.
 Source: Official Forum AZ.

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #3 on: 01/05/2010, 03:50 »

So this is only temporary? Ie, we must change something then turn away?.

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #4 on: 01/05/2010, 13:18 »

[quote author = boris76 link = topic = 60797.msg210602 # msg210602 date = 1272678655]
 So this is only temporary? Ie, we must change something then turn away?
 [/ Quote]
 Yes, [url = [To view the link you need to register.] / forum / test-for-new-users / post-to-the-commit-despistadoscomi /] CLICK HERE [/ url].

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #5 on: 02/05/2010, 09:20 »

More info

  02 - EVENT: [/ u] Muitos receptors feito depois of this procedure, no floriu, or sign ficando e com qualidade e em 90/90 em Alguns as Mensagem "COMTEST ALLOCK" not Tunner do Houver comunicao sendo com or process necessrio mexer physically unable receiver. O Team're disponibilizou for cases or pronouncement seguinte:

  A atualizao available in their temporria hoje, that ye through S900 that estavam
 voltem to work at that novos chips chegem AzAmerica all you distributors.

 Melhor trabalham you through S900 is for withdrawal or EEPROM chip (UE01), noh pois assim com or tuner conflicts.

 All tempo esse trabalho estava Team to determine travamento do because, as a solution, purchase it and not repeat.

 EEPROM chips Os novos sem custos para os chegaro distributors can charge more esse
 something stripped of substituting labor mo.

 It aims to remove voc EEPROM prpria accounting, Tenho care not to break
 Trilhas and ravage as fully seu S900.

 As atualizaes temporrias semper not available for any serum. Voc FILE_LOCATION
 ter to replace or EEPROM chip that do seu ficou S900 through to be able to use as future atualizaes.
[/ i]

  Fonte Official Frum. [/ i]

  Porting to definitively resolve this type of problem necessrio a troca do CI (MEMRI Epron) SK24C16 (UE01), temporarily or Team Lanou Porma Firmware temporrio um sem works or Chip MEMRI postagem as bagels, or problem to resolve, temporarily, to MEMRI Epron extraindo da plate (which neste case j est level too) ou ento withdraw or resistor line as photos abaixo. mais da easy to remove or resistor plate, eu recommended to remove plaque MEMRI gives enoo Epron resistor, pois future be necessrio Epron uma nova place for future firmware eo dever resistor be no place, j MEMRI or chip, that they be extradited, destination, or lixo. Mild to experince Tenho um em technician that SMD components for that level too seja na plate no stranger to welding Epron nova depois com sucesso.

  This a photo do resistor to be removed (not recommended pull):


  This gives a picture MEMRI Eprom to be extradited, em vermelho (recommended to be removed):

[To view the link you need to register.]

  Ta pessoal you're so Procedures posted oficiais hair or problem solving Team travamento do do do I turn off day 17 - 04 - 2010, teve concluindo receptors liberou Canals of you immediately with those for Florida teve outros that ent ou extract or MEMRI Epron resistor.

  Pra mim ficou bem not clear, Second Team as postagens do is all that you temporary receivers to MEMRI trocar em Eprom to resolve definitively, Mesmer funcionaram of IMEdit you that, s com or Software, ou detected in only com that you or sign FICARAM e qualidade em 90/90 e Canais you not entering a Mensagem com "COMTEST Allock "Huh??

  Gostaria to thank all of you that estiveram etcnicos membros empenhados do problem solving or S900 through, Tenho tudo or certainty that we discussed foi em vo CFI foi, foi muito acquired Conhecimento na part of eletrnica and computer science.

  Fiquem com Deus. [/ i] [/ quote]

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #6 on: 02/05/2010, 09:21 »

google translation [/ b]
 02 - CASE: Many of the beneficiaries after performing this procedure, have not flourished, leaving the signal and the quality of the 90/90 and in some messages as "COMTEST ALLOCK" Tunner no communication with the processor is required to physically move the receiver.The team has provided for these cases, the following statement:
 The update released today is temporary, so the S900 that were caught
 return to work until the new chips arrive AZAMERICA all dealers.
 The S900 locked work best if you remove the EEPROM chip (UE01), because there's no way conflicts with the tuner.
 During this time the team was working to determine the cause of the accident, how to fix it and do not repeat.
 The new chip EEPROM comes at no cost to the distributors, but the charge can
 something to replace labor.
 If you want to remove the EEPROM on your own, take special care not to break
 ways and completely ruin your S900.
 Updates are always temporary unavailable.You must
 have to change the EEPROM chip on your S900 that was locked to use future updates.
 Source Forum Journal.
 Move to finally solve such problems need to change IC (Memory Epron) SK24C16 (UE01), however provisionally team has released a firmware that works without the temporary memory chip, above poster, that solves the problem temporarily Epron drawing board memory (in this case it is damaged), or remove the resistor as the pictures below.It's easy to remove the resistance card, I recommend you remove the memory card and not the resistance Epron because the future will have to put a new future Epron Firmware and resistance should be in place, as the memory chip , this is extracted, the destination is garbage.Take an experienced technician on board SMD components are not damaged in the extraction and then solder the new Epron successfully.
 This is the resistance of the photo to be removed (not recommended to take):
 This is the photo EPROM that drawn in red (removal recommended):
 Tai staff these official procedures are published by the team to address the problem of blocking the blackout on 17 - 04-2010, concluding that the receivers had released immediately and the other channel to bloom had to remove the resistor or Epron memory.
 For me it is clear, according to the positions of the team, if all receivers have to change the EPROM to resolve definitively, even those that worked immediately reveal, only with the Software, or only those who stayed with the signal quality and 90/90 that were not in the channel and the message "Comtest Allock" Huh?
 I would like to thank all members and technicians who were hired to solve the problem of S900 locked, I'm sure that everything on the topics discussed was not in vain knowledge, much was gained in the electronics and computers.
 Please God.[/ Quote].

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Re: S900-ON ON ON-Solução.
« Reply #7 on: 10/09/2010, 15:42 »

Josagi good name is Carlos Flores, am from Costa Rica.and I have my computer with the problem of on on on.the problem is that here in Costa Rica I can not get the Eprom to switch you to my know of a website where I can buy and send me to my country.thank you very much for the reply.Huh?.

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